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Beginnings and Ends - Banquet Menu
The Fruit Yard


- Pastry Platter: Assorted mini muffins and cinnamon rolls freshly baked in house.

- Cookie Platter: An assortment of freshly baked chocolate chip, peanut butter, and sugar cookies.

- Mini Grazer: A medley of assorted cheeses, crackers, and fresh grapes.

- Sweet Treat Platter: Assorted cookies, brownie bites, lemon bars, walnut bars, and fruit slips.

- Fresh Fruit: A colorful display of the finest seasonal fruits.

-Assorted Veggies: Fresh vegetables served with Ranch.

- Bruschetta: Toasted sourdough baguettes topped with fresh diced tomato and basil. 

- Potato Wedges: Halved potatoes topped with melted cheddar cheese, bacon & chives.

- Deli Spread: An array of fresh sliced turkey, ham, and roast beef, sliced cheese, and an assortment of dinner rolls.

- Croissant Sandwiches: An assortment of 25 mixed croissant sandwiches generously filled with roast beef, turkey or ham 
and topped with mayonnaise and lettuce.

- Aram Sandwiches: 2 types of rolled sandwiches filled with cranberry cream cheese & turkey – and – chipotle cream cheese & roast beef.

- Fried Drumettes: Honey-stung chicken drumettes fried to a golden perfection.

- Swedish Meatballs: Rolled ground beef slowly simmered in a brown gravy, sour cream, and relish sauce.

- Hot Wings: Chicken wings tossed in a spicy breading and fried to a golden finish.

- Traina’s Skewers: Skewers lined with “Trainas” very own marinated sundried tomatoes, mozzarella and fresh basil topped with a gentle drizzle of balsamic glaze.

- Fried Calamari: Fried squid served with sweet Thai chili sauce.

- Charcuterie Grazing Board: A beautiful array of Italian meats, assorted cheeses, pepperoncini, locally dried fruit, and 

- Jumbo Prawns: Fresh and chilled jumbo prawns served with lemon and cocktail sauce.