Terms & Conditions

We are a Family friendly and a problem free facility.
We do everything we can to make your visit to The Fruit Yard a memorable experience.
We ask you to please abide by our terms.

Terms & Conditions:
•There is a five hour maximum per event. An additional $250 room charge will be added.
• You must spend at least $350 in food, or you will be charged $350 plus service charge and sales tax.
• Set up times must be pre-arranged.
• All children should be supervised.
• You are responsible for plate breakage, lost or stolen silverware and property damage.
• All alcohol on the premise must be purchased by The Fruit Yard Restaurant. Your credit card number will be held to insure this policy is enforced. If there is an issue with your guest bringing alcohol on the premises we will charge a $1000.00 fine to the credit card we have on file.
• Vulgar language or vulgar music is not allowed. If it is abused your event will be stopped.
• All Deposits and Prepayments for the month of December are Non-Refundable.
• All food and beverage is subject to a 20% service charge and sales tax.
• A credit card is required to secure a date.