Do I need to hire a Wedding Coordinator for the day of the event?
The Fruit Yard Special Event Director is there to assist you with all venue reception needs.  We are not responsible for details of your event, for example distributing bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages for the bridal party; announcing the wedding party at the reception; decorating ceremony and reception area; clean-up of decorations; storing decorations and gifts.  For details like this you may want to hire a "Day of Event Coordinator."



Can I do a Ceremony Rehearsal the day before?
Yes, if you would like to do a rehearsal walk through, it will need to take place on a mutually agreed day and time.  You will need to contact your officiate to set up the rehearsal details.  There are no additional fees.  Ask the Special Event Director about pricing for a rehearsal dinner. 

How early can Vendors (florists, DJ, photographer) arrive at the Venue?

No earlier than 1 hour prior to the start of ceremony/reception.  Special arrangements can be made with Special Event Director. 
How early can the Bridal Party arrive at the Venue before the ceremony begins?

Approximately 45-60 minutes before the ceremony begins, depending on photos. 

Do you allow flower petals on the ground, tables, etc.?

Yes, you are responsible for the clean-up of all petals. 

Do you allow candles?
Yes, as long as they are in protective container (glass votive holders, hurricanes, etc.)

How will my tables be set up?
You will finalize the set-up at your final meeting, 2-3 weeks prior to the event.  The standard set up is either rounds of 10 people or longs of 6-8 people.  We also will go over all areas of your set-up, such as DJ and dance area, food lines, bar area, cake table, gift table, head table, guest book table and ceremony set-up. 
Do I need assigned seating or table numbers?

We do not require you to have assigned seating, but have found that it is more relaxed and stress free for you if your guests choose their seats.  If you choose assigned seating, you will need someone at your guest book table to direct your guests to the correct tables and seats.  You will also need to rent or provide table numbers and holders, along with a floor plan for The Fruit Yard Special Event Director at least 3 days prior to the event.  If your event is outdoors you need to consider wind when choosing the type of holders. 
Does The Fruit Yard provide decorations and/or centerpieces?

No, but please see our referral list for vendors that provide this service.  Special arrangements can be made with Special Events Director to provide this service for you. 

Who places the favors, centerpieces, decorations, etc. for the reception tables?
Your hired wedding planner or a trusted friend/family member.
What counts towards my $2000 minimum food purchase total?
Your food purchases are calculated by appetizers, buffet meals, non-alcoholic beverages and dessert charges. 
What does not count towards my minimum?

Special linen orders, audio visual equipment, flowers and additional rentals. 

Do you have Bar Packages?

No, our bars are all based on individual consumption (you only pay for what your guests drink).  You may choose to host all or portion of your bar.  You may opt for a no host bar, but your are responsible if your guests don't meet the bar minimum. 
How do I regulate how much my guests will order at the Bar?
You can choose to host only beer and wine.  You pre-select the wine (within the price point you want to spend).  You can also put a dollar amount on the bar.  For example you can set a $1000.00 limit on the bar and once that is reached then it will turn into a cash bar and your guests will be asked to pay for their own beverages.