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CA Extra Fancy Nectarines 5lb.

5lb. Box

Product Description:
California grown, sun-dried Nectarine halves. California Nectarines have a pronounced sweet flavor and a chewy texture making it a good choice for use in cooking, baking and for snacking. As an ingredient, they have a natural affinity to spicy and smoky flavors; particularly good with barbecue beef and poultry. A good compliment to salads especially when paired with chipolte or Earl Grey tea infused dressings. Can be made into a topping, conserve or preserve. Rich in vitamin A and a valuable source of fiber, calcium and potassium. This product will cut well against other nectarines, which tend to have less moisture and flavor. Kosher Certified. Sulfured for color retention and as preservative. Keep refrigerated to maintain maximum quality.


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